Band, History, Members and other wise things…

The “old” guys try it again. Formed in 2006 Philipp and Mirko, both knuckleheads in front of the lord, sat together by tattooing philipps back, listen to some slipknot and morbid angel, talking about music and so on, as mirko ( said with the needles in his hand:” He ya, we must try something new, what about playing together ?”. The answer was very short: “Ya!”.


Philipp, bald aged (33), trys about several years playing guitar and bass. He was a former member of the first Fertile.soil.of.violence., not more then a party/cover-band playing the infancy metallica, slayer etc. and a few homegrown songs. Before that he tried out making some noise in a school-band (thanx, Jürgen-Eilt) together with Markus Fleischer, Tobias Röhl (R.I.P.) and Lars Beuermann and not to forget the exile-italian Silvio, who later performed as “Revelations”. Jobs, skills and different interests in music broke up “Revelations”. Cessation about two years. After that and several finger-burls later trying to play faster, he made some noise with the ultimate “Obscenity” (former members still alive Oli & Henne). Again cessation. Nothing comes up, no one wants to play faster than “Slayer” in the mid-nineties.


Desperate times, masses of vodka and 60 cigarettes a day. Then the change. Boozed as a million Russian in a downtown music-club in wilhelmshaven, he encountered Slawomir Piotr Pietcewicz, just as well crocked, babbling about the shit the speakers give up. They made an appointment in the rehearsals of  “Measly Corpse”, an unknown band playing the brutal, infernal sound of the nineties in a new speed dimension. Base of that, the unbelievable drummer Markus Strehlau (now playing machine-like “Gore-Zone”) and some very deep B.C. Rich guitars and unholy growling voices of Pietcewicz. The ultimate band. Fast, brutal, infernal, ear-bleeding sound mixed up for a demo. Playing with some friends (“Vader”) in Poland and so on. Every day 150% (alcohol). Later “Measly Corpse” broke up and formed new into “MentalKillingSpree".

Identification process ushered in.Philipp got married and son Nicholas was born. No more Grindcore, no more Death. He left the band, attended for family and starts career as a sales manager. Nicholas grew up, Sinje follows (daughter) and then he got tattooed.


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